Jan 28, 2009

Every journey has to begin somewhere...

And this is where my blogging "career" begins, at least as it relates to running. Not that I plan to bore any readers of this blog with nothing more than my running, assuming anyone actually reads this. I'll post about nearly anything, but it'll mostly be either about my training and races, or whatever comes to mind while I'm running. Running has always seemed to give me a sense of clarity with regards to my life. And if you knew me before the start of 2007, you know I needed all the clarity I could get. But I expect I'll have more than few random, non-sensical ramblings in here too. LOL. I'm good at that.

So, with that, I'll leave it to my next post to explain why I started running, where it has taken me, and where I plan to have it lead me...if anyone can ever plan such a thing. One thing I know, I'm excited to continue this journey.

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