Jul 16, 2009

My mid-summer funk

Running is getting tougher lately, but not b/c I'm physically tired, or injured. I'm struggling mentally. For starters, I really hate heat. This is nothing new. Give me January weather to run in any day. Secondly, this whole unemployed crap is getting on my nerves. Really getting on my nerves. Add to that, I had a phone interview last week, that I felt went well, and had expected to hear something either Monday or Tuesday. Still haven't heard. I know these things can take time, and the interviewer is busy with everything they have to do in the course of their job, but I'm going a little stir crazy waiting. I'm so anxious to hear. I'm checking my Blackberry every 5 minutes during the day, looking for word from my recruiter. I'm going NUTS! And in turn, my brain is in overdrive. And by the end of the day, I'm mentally tired, and getting out to run in the heat is that much tougher to do. It's not like I'm depressed, I'm just tired. Mentally. But not from training. Yet, it's affecting my training. Some good news would do a lot to boost my spirit. Hopefully tomorrow.

Just bought 2 books. Advanced Marathoning, by Pfitzinger & Douglas, and My Life on the Run, by Bart Yasso. Using Pftizinger's training schedule for my marathon. Yasso's, I just think will be a good read, and hope will help get me in a better frame of mind.

Couple of weeks until my half, on 8/16. Looking forward to it. Just hope I'm ready for it, and ready to run a great race. My wife is definitely putting the work in to complete her first half. She's looking strong right now. She's definitely making progress, and that's the important thing.

Well, I have about 45 minutes before I need to get out and run. Hopefully I don't talk myself out of it, and just keep my ass parked on the couch.

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