Aug 21, 2009

Who is the God(dess) of Perfect Weather?

I ask because I'll build a shrine TODAY if it'll help.

Thinking about the weather lately, and I'm so sick of heat, and especially the humidity. Thankfully, today is much better, and looks like it will stuck around for at least a few days. So I started thinking how I would rank the months in terms of which I like running the most in. It goes like this for me:

1) October
2) September
3) November
4) December
5) January
6) February
7) April
8) March
9) May
10) June
11) July
12) August

My priorities are:
1) Cool
2) Wind (otherwise March & April would be higher)
3) Sun (otherwise Dec-Feb would be higher, we don't see the sun much in those months here in Cincy)
4) Dry

So just get me through the next couple of weeks. The best is right around the corner.

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