Sep 3, 2009

Finally starting to feel like myself again

Last week, I had to leave town and wasn't going to be able to run over the weekend. I ran on Thursday, and then didn't get to again until this past Tuesday. I felt disgusting before I got out there, but DAMN it felt good to run. Kept it very easy, nice & slow, for 5 miles. Then I went out yesterday for another 5 miles. Again, felt really good. This morning, 8.7 miles. The first 4 miles felt as easy as any run has felt in a long time. Got home, and I was so happy. It was a strong run, where I felt fresh the whole way. God, I love that!

Now, I'm absolutely convinced that a big part of this is the weather. We've had a few days in a row of nice, sunny, cool weather. And you just can't beat the feeling of walking out the door to run, and knowing that you aren't going to suffer in the heat & humidity. It literally psyches me up before I even turn the Garmin on. I know there'll be some hot, sticky days still. But now that it's September I really hope we've turned the corner. I'm ready to do some serious running.

But serious running to do what? My initial goal was to run the Indy Monumental marathon. Not sure I'm going to do that now. Not that far away, and I just don't think I can be ready in time. My other thought was to race a half marathon in September, another in October, and one in November. Which ones? No idea. Just pick a weekend that looks like it'll be nice out, and sign-up last minute. Yeah, it'll cost a little extra, but that's OK. I'll have the flexibility of running on a great weekend, of my choosing, or not at all, if the weather/my schedule doesn't work out. The last option is Memphis. A friend of mine in Birmingham is planning to run there on 12/5. I could see myself doing that too. It's far enough out that I can be ready for it, and it's not so far away that I could drive there, as opposed to fly. We'll see. Never been to Memphis. Sounds like fun.

And my friends at the CCFA are starting up their training for the Las Vegas Rock n' Roll Half Marathon. Good luck everybody. I'm sure I'll make it out to a few Saturday morning runs with you. Always nice to see everybody.


  1. Man - I am totally with you on the weather. Ever since it got a little cooler I have had the best runs and it feels SO GOOD!

    Don't push yourself to be ready for a certain marathon; there are so many out there. Have you ever checked out It has a wonderful, very complete calendar of ALL marathons, both in the U.S. and International. I'm sure you have plenty of halves from which to choose as well....

  2. Yeah, marathonguide is great.

    I have no doubt I could be ready in time for Memphis. Truth is, I could probably be ready for Indy if I really wanted to be. I just don't feel the need. From a travel perspective, Memphis is still well within driving distance for me, so that's no big deal. Plus it would give me those extra 4-5 weeks to prepare. This is assuming I choose to run a full at all.

    As for halves, they're all over the place for sure. I'll just keep training the way I am until I decide what to do.

  3. hey i was thinking of doing the monumental, it was one of my options depending on how my half went later this month. clearly neither is going to happen now ;) go for indy!