Oct 10, 2009

My review of Zensah's compression leg sleeves

So today was my time running in these. I'm doing so because of what happened to me at the Flying Pig this spring, i.e. severe calf spams starting at mile 14 that finally stopped me at mile 22.

My first impressions (pre-run):
1) very comfortable, but was worried if I'd feel like I was roasting in them
2) expected them to be more snug than they actually were, but was happy with that
3) didn't feel self-conscious at all in them (I like to think I have a pretty strong self-image)

My impressions in-run:
1) never felt too warm, in fact, felt good how they kept my calves at a great temp (ran in mid-50's weather)
2) couldn't even tell I had them on
3) I was so relaxed, it almost seemed like my calf & shin weren't even there, and that was a good thing, if a little weird

My impressions post-run:
1) quite simply, I'm impressed as hell
2) I'm normally mildly sore in my calves after such long runs. Today, they feel great, as if I'd run 3 miles instead of 20

Truth is, I can't find a single negative thing to say about them. I'm thrilled with them and wish I'd tried them sooner. Now I'm wishing I'd bought more than just the one pair. So, if you have calf or shin issues, I'd recommend these highly. About $40 for 2 sleeves.


  1. I think one of the most surprising thing about Zensah sleeves is how fast people fall in love with 'em after just one run.

    I especially like to wear them to bed after a hard speed workout.

  2. That's a great idea. I've been thinking about getting another pair that I'd wear around the house when I feel like I need them. And after speed workouts would be an ideal time. That didn't occur to me. Thanks!