Nov 4, 2009

72 hours away

Getting so close to race day. I'm ready. Trying to stay calm, not overthink it, not make it more than it is. But I really wish it was Saturday, not Wednesday.

Arriving somewhere b/w 11-12, will check to see if can get into hotel room, then go to expo. After that, my dad will have likely arrived by then, so we'll go find him. I think we should go the start/end of the course and scope it out for where my dad can easily get to, and perhaps figure out what he can do while I'm running miles 4-24. Susan will be trying to see me at other spots on the course, and there's no way he'd be able to keep up. Then at 6PM we'll be meeting some friends who live in Indy for dinner, which will be fun. Not sure where we're heading, but I'm sure I'll be a good boy. Light dinner, no more than 1 glass of wine (if that). With an 8AM race start, I'd like to get to the start area around 7AM so I can warmup properly. So that means get to bed b/w 9-10PM the night before. Any earlier than that, I'll have a lousy night's sleep. I'll wake up at around 4:30-5AM to quickly eat a small breakfast, and then lay back down until it's time to head out.

Weather forecast looks great. Currently...sunny, low 48, high 63, 10% chance of rain. That would be short sleeve shirt weather! I was expecting to wear long sleeves. I actually prefer long sleeves. But I certainly won't complain.

Knee continues to feel better as I rest, and run fewer miles over the last 2 weeks. I'm encouraged by that.

I'll be tweeting periodically (at the same time as I text my wife to let her know how I'm doing so she can know when/where to expect to see me). Feel free to follow me. I'm rich_davey. I protect tweets, to help avoid all the spam that seems to be going through lately. But send a request to follow me, and if you are clearly not a spammer, I'll approve it.


  1. I don't have Twitter, so I'll just say it now: "Rock it, Mr.!" ;)

  2. wait a sec... which race is this?

    GOOD LUCK! Find a mantra and stick to it! Conquer your own self!

  3. Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.

    Thanks guys.