Feb 18, 2010

A goal of mine for 2010 is to PR in every distance I run this year

Ambitious? Perhaps.

So that means I am looking to PR in: 5K, 10K 15K, Half-Marathon, Marathon.

My current PR's:

5K: 20:27 (July 2009) - Had been battling a sore right foot/ankle for a few weeks, but I was still very happy with this when I finished. I've only run this distance 4 times, one as a fun run (Jingle Bell Run, 2009)

10K: 51:19 (Nov 2009) - I've only run one of these (Thanksgiving Day 10K in Cincinnati), and it was with a friend as a fun run, so running a PR should be easy.

15K: 1:17:52 (March 2008) - I've only run this distance once. Ran as a training run, after only about a year of running to that point. This one would normally be a fairly easy PR, but this year it won't be the best I could possibly post b/c I am running 20 miles the day before with Troy, and I don't think the course has a flat spot on it. Still, should be fun. Troy's running this too. We plan to run it best we can.

Half-Marathon: 1:47:38 (August 2008) - I expect to PR this distance in 10 days at The Last Chance for Boston, in Columbus, OH. Funny part about this PR...I ran this at the Chicago Distance Classic. After the race they sent an e-mail saying the course had been certified incorrectly and the course was LONG by .1668 miles. And it was right where they made the mistake (around the 7-mile mark) that I then made my mistake of thinking I'd suddenly slowed down drastically. Of course, at that moment, I couldn't know it was miscalculated and was long. I just thought that somehow, I'd run a ridiculously slow 8th mile. My goal was 8 min/mile. At that pace, .1668 miles is 1m 20s. So I see the clock set up at mile 8 ,and I panic. Now I'm thinking I have only 5 miles to make up that time. Clearly, I thought I'd blown my chance at a sub-1:45 that day but I decided to kick up the pace hard and try to make up the time. I'll either do it, or crash. I crashed. I had some GI issues late in the race too that didn't help at all. But nonetheless, 1:47:38 is my official time. So long as the weather isn't brutal in February 28th, I should be good.

Marathon: 4:07:53 (Nov 2009) - My one (completed) marathon to date. After my Flying Pig fiasco, I decided I'd run Indy with no other purpose than to finish. So I ran at a normal long run pace, and not any faster. At mile 23, my calf cramps jumped up again and bit me, but I was able to suffer into the finish slowly. I've trained harder than ever since, and am ready to take my first crack at Nashville, on April 24th. The other marathon already on the schedule is Chicago on 10-10-10.

I actually hope to do more racing this year than I did last year, so I'll have plenty of shots at these PR's, with the exception of the 15K. Not many of those around here.

We'll see what happens, but I think I have a real shot at a PR in every one of these distances.

How often do you have a chance to do that? I'm thinking not very often, so I'll give it my best. I will not cheat myself this year.

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