Mar 14, 2010

The 5K PR...that wasn't

Ran a 5K yesterday. Well, it was supposed to be a 5K. It was an out-and-back, and apparently the cop who was responsible for telling us to turn around, had us turn around too soon.

I went into the day thinking I didn't want to run hard (I had a long run to do later in the day). I thought I'd run it about 24 minutes, enjoy the run, and be done. But the day was cold, wet & windy, so I decided I wanted to get this thing over with. So I went out early and tried to run hard, without going all out. About an 8.5, or 9.0, on a scale of 1-10. No redlining. I was successful at that, regardless of the actual distance we ran.

I hit the 1-mile mark in 6:03. OK, about what I expected. Just gliding along. I'm literally looking around, just having fun.

When we got turned around by the cop, it didn't feel like I'd gone 0.55 miles past the 1 mile mark (I wasn't wearing my Garmin for this, just my Nike watch). When I got to the guy at the 2-mile mark calling out splits, the guy calls out "10:30!" 10:30?!? WTF?!? Now I knew something was wrong. So I decided to stick with my plan and just run at the same level I had been.

I got to the finish in 17:18, I just didn't know how far I'd run. I learned that the course wound up being 2.8 miles. At that pace, I'd have finished in 19:09 for a PR by a 1:18. That would have been nice, but it was not to be. It does tell me what my goal 5K time for 2010 is...18:30. Good gawd, I can't believe I just posted that. But that's what I'm shooting for. On a wet, nasty, windy day, I could have gone sub-19, no doubt, had I chosen to. And had they actually marked the course correctly.

The race had 231 men, 296 women. I finished 4th overall, 2nd in my age group. I don't care what the distance was, I'll take 4th overall any day.

But since I ran considerably harder than I had planned to, my 18-20 miler later that day turned into a 15-miler, in pouring rain. Dinner tasted very, very good that night.

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