Aug 6, 2010

Not a great past 4 weeks

Training is going so-so. The heat we've had over the past few weeks has really been killing me. It saps not just my energy, but any desire to go run at all. And when I don't run, I eat. And the more I eat, and the less I run, the more I like it.

But I'm still plugging away as best I can until this God-awful heat breaks. Come Sunday, I'm 9 weeks out.

The other issue I'm dealing with for the first time since I started running, I'm getting really bored with my running routes. It doesn't help that I never stray too far from home, running 2, 3, and 4 mile loops over & over again, so I can double back to the house and refill my water bottle. Out where I live, there are no parks with fountains, no stores really close by where I can buy water and just keep running away from home. So I'm stuck with short loops. I'm going to start driving to nearby neighborhoods for some of my longer runs, where I can stop in a store and buy what I need, when I need it.

I've also been "investigating" vegetarianism, sorta. I'm looking through cookbooks, reading, etc. But my family (i.e. wife) isn't interested in being vegetarian. I'm not sure I am, for that matter. At least, not entirely. I'm considering being "vegetarian" until 6PM, since breakfast & lunch is usually me fending for myself. Then for dinner, since I'm the cook in the house, make whatever I want. Sometimes, preparing a vegetarian meal. My wife wouldn't mind the occassional veggie meal, just not everyday.

As for upcoming races, there's a trail run at the end of the month, and then in mid-September, I'll be running USAF half, and night trail race. Then...Chicago.

But right now, I'm trying to shake some boredom and lack of motivation/mental toughness.


  1. What is this "heat" you speak of? Hmmm?
    I would get bored with repeating loops too. Hang in there. This is all temporary. This too shall pass. ;)

  2. seems you are doing your best to have a good well but not too healthy food for better run...:D

  3. Are you ready for Chicago?

    Strange, after reading this blog, I feel I want to know what happens next.