Feb 5, 2009

OK, enough is enough...

I don't mind running outside in the winter. In fact, I prefer it. But some of the days we've had here in Cincy have just been plain stupid. It's not even the snow that's the problem, but the ice that came with it. And as much as I hate running indoors, I've had to do it 3 times over the past 2 weeks. And today, when I got to work, it was -3 @ 9am. Ugh. But I just can't stand running on a treadmill again today, so at 1pm, I'm heading out for my 70-minute run. Temp is supposed to be around 19 then, with a wind-chill of around 8. Thankfully, it warms up starting tomorrow. Hopefully we're done with the deep-freeze days for the season. I'll settle for "pleasantly cold". And no more goddamn ice!

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