Jun 12, 2009

The importance of eating right

I'm usually very good about this. I try to eat as well as I can every meal. And on those days when I "slip", I feel OK telling myself that it's no big deal so long as I get right back on track. But I have this habit after a big race of eating not-so-well for long stretches at a time. I don't eat like crap every meal of every day, but I do seem to find a way to have at least one meal that sabotages my day. I've been doing this for the past few weeks, and it's really annoying me. I'm having far more "bad" days than good days. I also have a habit of eating particularly poorly when I'm out without my wife, Susan. I gotta stop this...starting today.

I've determined what I feel is my ideal, everyday weight. It's a weight I feel very good at. Strong, healthy, energetic. And so my rule now is to be within +/- 2 pounds of that weight. When I'm over +2, I MUST EAT EXCEPTIONALLY WELL until I'm back in that range.

It's like I've forgotten how good I feel when I eat right. Put good stuff in, feel good. Put crap in, feel like crap. That's not so hard to figure out, right? I should be able to remember, right? So how is that I've forgotten? It certainly isn't b/c I don't care. So today is the day I get back on track.

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