Jun 8, 2009

Week of June 8-14

Well, after what I felt was good week last week, I'm really looking forward to this one. Just gotta come up with the plan. LOL.

Took today off from running, although I do have indoor soccer in about an hour & a half. Since I do not plan to race this weekend, I want to throw in one speed workout, so I'm thinking something along the lines of:

M - soccer
Tu - rest
W - 8 in the morning, 4 in the evening
Th - 3
F - 4-mile tempo, with 15 min. warmup/cooldown
Sa - 6
Su - 14

Other than that, I need to catch up on my reading (last two RW's, and I've been wanting to delve in Lore of Running again), and do some stuff to try and help me find a job. Yeah, I guess that's sorta important too. Getting laid off sucks. I don't recommend it to anyone. :-)

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