May 11, 2009

Post-Pig Week 1

Not a terribly busy week. 5 runs, all fairly short, all very easy. Total mileage for the week: 17.9 miles.

Yesterday planned to run several miles, but after 2 laps around the VOA, I decided I just didn't feel like running. Felt a little tired & sluggish, so I decided no big deal. Didn't need to run a ton that week anyway. Maybe even better that I didn't.

This week, would like to get in around 30 miles. I'm also back in the gym, strength training with a real sense of purpose. Focus is still on legs, plus an increased focus on core, and stretching. Updating my public profile on with these workouts too.

Also, hope to get resume out to my recruiter later this week. Thinking about picking up some part time job somewhere, in the meantime, if possible. Don't really want to sit around and just wait to see what happens. I'll go stir-crazy.

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