May 2, 2009

Ready to go!

Ran 2 miles this morning, and felt absolutely great. Shoes felt great, feet feel great, I feel really energized after sleeping about 10.5-11 hours last night. Really counted on that, in case I can't sleep tonight. And despite all the eating & hydrating I've been doing the last few days (I can't believe how much food I've put down since Wednesday), I've only put on 2.4 pounds since Monday, as of this morning. I've actually had to force myself to eat as much as is recommended in the days before the race. But so far, so good. I've stayed within the 1-3 pounds they said I'd gain while carbo loading.

Just had my final big meal. Penne with my own marinara, added some red onions & grilled chicken. Tonight, I'll eat lightly, continuing to drink plenty of fluids.

At about 5PM, I'll be popping in my DVD "Spirit of the Marathon", looking for any inspiration I can get. Got it for Christmas, and I've been DYING to watch it since. But I've purposely held off until this weekend.

After the movie, I'll head to bed, which means I have to miss the Bulls/Celts game. Damn. Plan to DVR it, might watch it after the race. I doubt I'll hear the result before then.

Well, that's it. I'm ready.

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