Apr 20, 2009

Experiencing the course

I wanted to run specific sections of the Flying Pig course, in order to be as familiar with the sections that worry me, as possible.

So I came downtown to run two major sections of the race course, the hills & the finish. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2745325 I started downtown, but skipped the bridges (which I've run numerous times before). Once I hung the right onto 7th St, I was "on the course", and headed to Eden Park. This is the major uphill section of the course, about 2.5 to 3 miles. I'd driven the entire course the day before, and this section actually seemed MORE difficult when I drove it, than when I ran it. I came out of Eden Park yesterday feeling confident that I'd be OK, so long as I was smart, and that I'd trained on hills enough to handle this just fine.

Next, I ran through O'Bryanville and Hyde Park, which along with Mariemont, is my favorite section of the course, and perhaps my favorite area to run in, in all of Cincinnati. I'm going to love this section of the race. It's just so easy to get lost in the atmosphere. And b/c it's such a big running community here, the support should be top notch. Once I got to Erie & Delta, I veered "off course" and headed south, for the finishing miles of the race course.

I'm really glad I did this, but not b/c of any hills or tough aspects of the course. There's a spot, about 3 miles from the finish line, when you can first see the skyline of downtown, and it just seems so far away! But it's only 3 more miles, albeit the toughest 3 miles, right? I first noticed it while driving the day before, and thought the same thing. Running it yesterday, I tried to keep that in mind, and be very focused on telling myself that it's just 3 miles. I did a good job, and I think I'll be fine on May 3rd. In any case, the view is great, but had I looked up to see that for the first time during the race, I think it would have messed with my head.

With about 1.5-2.0 miles to go, we get into a section that I am intimately familiar with since it's the area I most often run during my lunch hour runs. I was able to ID specific spots of the park running alongside the road that tells me exactly how much further to go, and when I'll be OK to pour out every last bit of energy I have, and not risk burning out too soon.

So yesterday's run was very educational, and I feel ready.

This week is a significantly lighter week, before next week being downright lazy! Until Sunday, anyway. Carbo loading starts soon, and I'll likely gain a pound or two, as my body retains the necessary water to burn those carbs on race day. Good thing I love pasta.

Week 14 mileage: 40.25
Weeks 0-14 mileage: 591.33

Week 15 schedule:
M: WT (only doing 1X this week and next)
T: 2GP/4T, yoga
W: 3 miles + 6x100 S
Th: 60-min run, including 6x400 SI (1:52/400m), yoga
F: rest
Sa: extra rest day
Su: 60-minute run

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