Apr 3, 2009

The good, and the bad

Funny how things can go from so good, to crappy, so quickly.

Tuesday, I have my 2GP/4x2T/3GP workout that has just been kicking my butt every time. Here in Cincy, they were calling for rain and high winds that evening, so I got out that morning instead, to make sure I got the workout in. Beautiful morning. 50-degrees, no wind. I'm not looking forward to how I expect to feel at the end, but I take off anyway. It was incredible. I felt great the whole way, at no point did I feel weak, or tired. I ran all my splits well below what I was scheduled to, and I did it with nothing more than a moderately-hard effort (PEL 7-ish). I kept thinking I should slow down, that I'd burn out at the end like always. After my 1st 2T, and seeing the time, I decided to quit looking at my watch until I knew I was close to finishing those 2 miles. I simply focused on running at a pace that I felt I could keep up, but that I still thought was fast enough to at least match the split I was supposed to be running. Turned out, each of my 2T runs was faster than the last. And the 3GP at the end that has always seemed so tough at that point in the workout, was nice & easy, like I think it's supposed to be at this point in my training. So, coming out of Tuesday, I couldn't have been happier with my progress.

Last night, not so much. Just no desire to run. And it was a beautiful afternoon. But right before I take off to run, I'm put into a really lousy, pissy mood. I leave the house completely upset and in a funk. I start running, and right from the start, I know I'm not getting this entire 90-minutes in. I have no desire to be out there. I just can't get my head right. So I run half of the workout, go home, shower, change, and go study until it's time to go to bed. I figure, I'll run another 45-minutes today, even though it's typically a rest day. But I finished the night really bummed out about feeling the way I did, and it affecting me like that. Not completing a 90-minute run, at this point in my training is not really a big deal. What bothers me is seeing how much it affected my running, a simple run at that, not to mention how much I was bothered by everything else last night.

Thankfully, I'm over it now, and we'll see how things go. Hope it's a nice weekend.

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