Apr 12, 2009

My moment of truth

After failing my 19-miler last week, thanks to dehydration causing me to bonk, I have my final long run before tapering down to race day. 20-miler today. I hope I've prepared sufficiently well for it. I overate last night at the Mexican place pokerwidow & I went to, but I should be fine from that today. I've really monitored by hydration this week, and should be OK there too. Weather here is sunny, mid-to-low 50's, 15 mph winds from the east. Temp should rise to high 50's by the time I'm done. No excuses.

Going out to the local park to run, in case I bonk again. 20 miles on a 1.42m loop doesn't thrill me, but I think it's best. Aside from being able to get home on my own if I fail, I can set up a cooler at the start of the loop, throw my water bottles in it, and not have to wear my hydration belt loaded with bottles. I can simply have one clip to hold the bottle I'm currently drinking from. Besides, I don't have enough bottles (four 8-ouncers) for my hydration belt to be enough for a full 20 miles anyway. And I don't want to figure out strategic spots to drive out to to place bottles. So I'll set the cooler up, and every 2 laps, quickly stop to grab a bottle, and drink on the run. 4 Gu's, ready to go. iPod loaded with the most recent episodes of Phidippidations, Adam 20, and TheExtraMile (turns out, the guy who hosts this show lives right here in Liberty Twp - small world).

So now, I'm ready to go. Please God, don't let me fail. Failing would be devestating to me, especially after last week's failure. I think I'd have to consider NOT running the full if I fail today. Truth be told, I'm hoping to feel good at 20, and run a few more. I figure since it's the last, true long run, it'd be OK to. 23 miles is my inner, secret goal for today.

If you're reading this, wish me luck.

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