Apr 28, 2009


A bit of tough week, last week. Not much mileage, doing my best to eat right, and not overeat (a bad habit of mine when I have off-days). Thursday's run was a little sluggish. Sunday's was VERY sluggish. The heat here at 4PM was near 90, so that didn't help matters. But I have read that in the 7-10 days before race day, when you are right in the middle of tapering, it's not unusual to feel that way. I hope that's it.

Did a good job of staying off my feet over the weekend, hope to continue that. Studying for my actuarial exam should help that. Ugh.

So, race week is upon me. I'm getting nervous already. Slept AWFUL on Sunday night. Worst night's sleep I've had in a long time. Studying so much per day has never helped this either. Last night, asleep by 10:00, slept the whole night through (very unusual for me), feel much better today.

Looking forward to getting through to Sunday, as fast as possible.

My race morning plan is to wake up at around 3:30 & eat breakfast. I may, or may not go back to bed. Depends on how I feel. I think I might be better off staying awake, and just lounging around on the couch until it's time to go downtown. That's my tentative plan, for now. At a little before 5AM, I'll start my way downtown, hopefully getting out of the car b/w 5:30-5:40AM, and be at the starting area b/w 6:00-6:10AM. Race starts at 6:30AM. Hopefully the weather will be good. On the Runner's World forum, there's a meteorologist posting weather reports, based on their computer models, for Cincy that weekend. So far, it looks like the temps should be OK. Question is, will there be rain on Sunday? Hope not. No sense worrying about it right now. It'll be whatever it'll be. I'll still be running.

For anyone who cares, I'm bib #3026.

Week 15 mileage: 24.44
Weeks 0-15 mileage: 615.77

Week 16 schedule (RACE WEEK):
T: 4x400 SI
Th: 3 miles, 6x100 S
Sa: 2-mile jog
Su: RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck in the race this weekend! Is there a place on their site to track your progress? I briefly looked around but didn't see anything that jumped out at me.

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  3. Thanks.

    Yes. You can follow at http://tracking.theendresultco.com/2009/flyingpig/index.php It gives live updates as I cross particular checkpoints.