Mar 9, 2009

I've hit the halfway mark!

Good week, but a tough week. I'm now halfway through my training. 8 weeks to go.While none of my workouts were bad, they weren't particularly great either. The wind was an issue again most of the week, and really affected me most on Thursday when I ran cruise intervals, and yesterday, during my long run.

Also, for some reason, I decided to run 3 "junk miles" on Friday, which is usually a day off. It was just so nice out; I wanted to get out there during my lunch hour. I've been good about not doing this, but Friday I just couldn't help myself.

Yesterday was the second straight week where I ran 16 miles. I actually considered running 17, just cuz, but at about the 10-mile mark, I knew it wasn't going to happen. I was feeling pretty spent. When I walked out the door, it was just starting to sprinkle, and they'd been calling for rain. So I put on a rain jacket, in anticipation of that. While I knew it would likely make me much warmer than I would have preferred, I figured that was better than being drenched to the bone. Unfortunately, it also created a parachute effect when I ran into the wind, since I tried to keep it only half zipped, to prevent from roasting. Turned out, it never rained during my run. Oh, well. Better safe than sorry, right?

I've also just started experimenting with Gatorade. I hate the stuff, in general (I do like G2). I've been using Cytomax-Tropical Fruit flavor, since November, which I discovered in training with the CCFA for San Antonio. But the Flying Pig uses Gatorade. And I don't want to run with a hydration belt. So, I'm incorporating Gatorade into my runs. I used 8 oz on my Saturday run, and 8 more on Sunday (along with the Cytomax), with no ill effects. I'll ramp this up over the coming weeks. I don't care if I don't like the taste. It's more important to me to be able run as comfortably as possible on race day.

Week 9 coming up, just like week 8. Then for week 10, a "low mileage" week to recharge the batteries. That'll be nice.

Week 8 mileage: 45.69
Weeks 0-8 mileage: 326.97

Week 9 schedule:
M: WT, indoor soccer
T: 2GP/3x2T, 2:00 recovery jog in between/3GP, yoga
W: WT, 3 miles/ 6x100 S
Th: 4x1-mile CI (7:53/mile, recovery is half the distance of the repetition.), yoga
F: Rest
Sa: 5 miles, WT (optional)
Su: 17 miles

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