Mar 29, 2009

Race Day Report - AHA 5K Run For Your LIfe

Today was the American Heart Association's Heart Mini-Marathon 15K & 5K, in downtown Cincinnati. I was originally planning to run the 15K, but backed down to the 5K after realizing I had an 18-mile long run this weekend too. And the 18-miler was far more important to me. Plus, I didn't know how my legs would feel after Saturday. So I figured I'd run the 18 miles on Saturday instead of Sunday, my normal long-run day, and then go out an cruise around the 5K nice & easy. After that, 3.5 hours later, I planned to walk the 10K with my wife. No problem, right?

Well, that was the PLAN. The plan went straight down the drain inside of the first 1/4 mile. LOL.

I actually felt decent when I woke up, no soreness at all in the legs, which was a surprise. I wasn't sore yesterday either, and I'd thought that perhaps whatever soreness I didn't feel yesterday, I would today. Didn't happen. Conditions today weren't great. 40 degrees, 10-20 mph wind out of the south. Course doesn't have a flat spot on it. Just rolls up & down the whole way. Got out pretty quickly, felt strong, wind in my back a little at the start (we ran east, then back to the west, from downtown on 5th street, down Columbia Blvd, out to Kemper and back). That kinda made me feel like I could really run fast. And that's when I decided that I was going to run, not jog. Nice & easy was no longer my plan. Yet, I'd say I only ran at about 75%. I was smart enough to not run all-out at any point, not even for a sprint to the finish. Just ran steady.

Final time: 22:08 (7:08/mile). That was good for 7/116 in my division (good for $10 gift certificate - woohoo! - my first "prize") , 69/859 males, 82/1718 overall. In my division, 12 seconds separated 4th & 7th. I could have taken 12 seconds off, for sure. Not important though. I'm really pleased with my result, especially after an 18-mile long run the day before. I now think I can do a 21-minute 5K, for sure. Gonna prep for some 5K's and 10K's this summer to see what I can do, before deciding on a fall marathon. While it likely doesn't mean much for the Pig in 5 weeks, it was incredibly encouraging, from an overall running perspective. So I couldn't be much happier tonight.

And later, I did walk the 10K with my wife, so at least I stuck with part of my plan. Ah, best laid plans. Gotta love 'em.

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