Mar 6, 2009

With spring weather, comes...

wind! OMG.

Not that it is spring yet, I know, but yesterday starts off like it's going to be beautiful here in Cincy, then by the time I get off work, and get home to run, it has turned into a beautiful, ridiculously windy, day in Cincy. Talk about a day to NOT be trying to run fast. The workout for last night...four, one-mile cruise intervals, all at or under 7:53/mile. Into 30 mph winds out of the SSW. Ugh.

After my mile warmup, I try to go east-west as much as I can, but occassionally I got going north-south. A few times it was blowing so hard that it nearly knocked me off balance. On the last half-mile of my 4th CI, I was running uphill, dead south. The wind is just going nuts, gusting to the point where I'm leaning forward so much, running as hard as I can, just to keep moving forward. I thought that I probably looked like a running back about to hit the line of scrimmage. I literally let out this primal scream to help get me to the top of the hill, where I can then turn left, start heading west again, and wrap this run up.

Brutal, brutal workout. I was so gassed after the 4th CI, I bagged the cooldown jog, and went inside to get ready for dinner. My only positive from the run was that I ran the 4 CI's in 7:19, 7:28, 7:26, 7:46. I have a repeat of this workout next Thursday. I'll be curious to see how I compare, assuming the wind is more cooperative. One thing is for sure...I'm not looking forward to it. But, I am reminded that I shouldn't complain.


One day a swarm of mosquitoes complained to God.
“Lord God we must protest!”
“What is it My Children?”
“We want You to still the Wind”
“Because the Wind scatters our swarm”
“Ah I See”
God summoned the Wind.
Within moments Wind arrived.
God Spoke, “Wind, the mosquitoes have brought suit”
Wind replied, “Where are my accusers?”
“Gone…lost within thee Wind”
So it is when Seekers dispute God’s Creation

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