Mar 25, 2009

Oh so tired

T: 2GP/4x2T, 2:00 recovery jog in between/3GP

OMG, this workout kicks my ass!!!! I was so exhausted when I finished this last night.

On Monday, I decided not to lift b/c I didn't have enough time to get a proper, full workout in before my soccer match. I'll go tonight & Friday and get that in. So anyway, I decided instead to get on the elliptical trainer and use that as my warmup for soccer. I do 46 minutes, 180 strides/min and feel great. I can actually remember when 180/min for more than 15-20 minutes owned me. Now, my heart rate barely gets to 130. But I did break a bit of a sweat, which is all I wanted to do. Then I go play soccer. We have 3 subs, I play hard, run hard, I come home feeling fine. No big deal. No injuries. I'm happy.

I wake up yesterday morning with unexpected tightness in both hips. More of a faint ache, really. I figure it's probably from having used the ET, seeing as I have used one in at least a year. Eh, no biggie. I go run as soon as I get home from work. And that workout just took it out of me. I (once again) didn't complete the final 3GP, I stopped at 2.1GP. Although, this time I don't feel bad about it. I ran solid throughout, running my 4x2T's in 15:58, 16:22, 16:15 & 16:25. I felt good about this considering the winds I was running in. At one point, while running into the wind, a truck passed me, and the gust he produced nearly knocked me off my feet...literally. It kinda scared me, actually. I wasn't expecting that. And the workout from the night before, I decide, makes up for the 0.9 miles. Regardless, that 0.9 isn't a big deal. And my hips were really fatigued at this point. So I called it a night. But this workout, for me anyway, is just so tough. I have the same one next Tuesday, before going back to 3x1-mile cruise-intervals plus 3x800 speed-intervals for 2 weeks. I'd really like to complete this workout in its entirety.

So with that in mind, as well as the fact that the Pig is in 5.5 weeks, and my actuarial exam is in 6.5 weeks, I've decided to take this upcoming 8-week session off from indoor soccer. I really hate to do it, but I've decided I really need that rest day now, given my next 3 Sunday long runs are 18, 19 & 20-milers and Tuesday is my speed workout. Besides, to get hurt at soccer now and risk not being able to run the marathon...well, I can't tell you how off the deep end I'd go after putting in this work.Today, my legs are very tired. Nice easy 3-miler with some striders will be welcomed greatly. I just hope the rain holds off. Glad I brought rain gear today. I don't normally think that far ahead when packing my bag at 6:20 in the morning. First time for everything, I guess.

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