Mar 2, 2009

This week was better

All in all, a good week. Didn't get off to a great start though. On Monday, I decided it was time to change up my weight training routine a little. Along with a few other minor changes, instead of lying leg curls, I went with straight-leg, straight back deadlifts, an exercise I've done before. Followed by my indoor soccer game. I expected some soreness the following day. I didn't expect as much as I got. I really shocked my hamstrings. Plus, the next day I felt a bit lethargic. So I bailed on yoga class, and swapped my Tuesday speed workout and my Wednesday easy run. Wednesday, the hammys were better, but not great. So I changed my speed workout too. I really hate making changes to my training on the fly like this, but I knew it was the smart thing to do. So instead of 2GP/2x2T/3GP, I decided to do a 7.5-mile run, focusing on keeping my PEL at around 7-8, but without feeling pain in my hamstrings. Surprisingly, when I checked the watch, it had turned into a standard 7.5-mile tempo run. So I was really pleased with that. I decided I'd just throw on that extra 1.5 miles that I didn't get in onto my Thursday run, which was great b/c it was so nice out that day. I actually wanted to run more, but I had to get home and get to dinner with the fam. By Friday, my legs felt normal, and the rest day really made sure I'd be good for the weekend. Saturday's run was just, eh. I ran early in the morning, on an empty stomach, which I hate doing. But I needed to hurry up and get it in. Busy day. Sunday was my long run. Temps had dropped, and it was a repeat of the week before. 33-degrees, 20 mph winds, according to Oh, bother. The only good thing was that it was coming from the north, and since the majority of the loop I was running was east/west, I didn't face much headwind, just lots of crosswind, which I can handle much better. 16 miles later I was done, and very pleased. I felt much better afterwards than I did after the 15 the week before. And by that evening, my legs felt stronger too. Today, I don't have any soreness or fatigue. I could easily run, if it weren't a rest day. So I'm pleased with the week. One more down.

Week 7 mileage: 42.62
Weeks 0-7 mileage: 281.28

Week 8 schedule:
M: WT, NO indoor soccer
T: 2GP/3x2T, 2:00 recovery jog in between/3GP, yoga
W: WT, 3 miles/ 6x100 S
Th: 4x1-mile CI (7:53/mile, recovery is half the distance of the repetition.), yoga
F: Rest
Sa: 5 miles, WT (optional)
Su: 16 miles

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