Mar 4, 2009

My new toy

OK, it's not new, the toy itself, but it's new to me. The Forerunner 305. Very, very cool. It arrived on Monday (my day off - DAMN!), so I had to wait until last night to try it out. I think what I enjoy the most is being able to run anywhere I want, whenever I want, and know that I'm still able to track my info. It's far superior to the Nike+. I used that for over a year and half, both the iPod Nike+ and the Sportsband. Actually, 2 sportsbands, both of which failed, and I returned them to Nike when they did their recall. I know they're coming out with a new version this summer, but I guess I kinda don't trust it. So the Forerunner was the easy choice.

Returning the Sportsband left me back to only running routes that I could mark off using a mapping function like, or that I could drive. For some reason, that's far less fun. Less accurate too, as I've learned when I compare the mapping with driving of the same route. Now I have total freedom! Run here, run there, run anywhere! Man, I love that. Plus, I think getting a new toy like this can really help your motivation when you're starting to lose a little of your edge right in the middle of a training program. I'm actually still enjoying my training, so this was just an added bonus. But I know I've had times in the past where I've lost my focus. I still have one "secret weapon" to use for this training session...but that'll have to wait until another post.

So tonight, after getting my run & weight training in, I'll play around with the Garmin software and see what kinds of new info I can learn when I download my runs. That'll be followed by some Part 7 studying, UGH! And a good night's sleep! Last night was a miserable night of sleep. I think a glass of wine might be in the cards too. You know, to help me sleep. :)


  1. Hey Rich. I got a 305 for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It is awesome. Let me know what you think about it.
    Brian Kidwell

  2. BTW the Garmin Training Center Software is pretty weak. Try Motion Based (Garmin) or Sport Tracks. They both have their pros and cons but are pretty cool. I use them both depending on what data I want to look at.
    Have fun.

  3. I totally agree. I love Motion Based. I haven't yet had a chance to sign up for Sports Tracks, but I've read about it on