Mar 17, 2009

Week 10, here I come!

Well, all in all, last week was a very good week. The only thing I didn't do, that I should have, was on Thursday. I swapped my Tuesday & Thursday workouts due to time constraints on Tuesday. On Thursday, I only finished with 1.5 miles @ GP, instead of 3 miles. It was getting a little late, family was waiting for me to be home to have dinner, I felt bad about it, so I cut my run short by that mike and a half. I was pretty tired too, so stopping didn't sound like such a bad idea. Turned out, they couldn't wait to eat, and so they went and ate without me! If I had known that was going to happen, I would have finished those final 1.5! I know it really makes little difference in the overall training, but leaving a workout incomplete has always bugged me. But I got over it pretty quickly, so no big deal.

The best part of the week was yesterday, my long run. FINALLY, it looks like spring might actually roll around. Yesterday it was sunny, 57 degrees, and light wind of 5-7 mph. Got through mile 6 feeling really good (same as the previous week). Hit the midway point at a considerably faster pace than I'd been running the past few weeks. Got to mile 11 and still felt really strong. I was thoroughly enjoying this run. When I got to 14, I knew I'd have no issues finishing the final 3 fairly strong. Hit the 17 mile mark 16 seconds FASTER than I hit the 16 mile mark last week, and only 2 minutes slower than I'd hit 16 the week before that. Important part was that I felt far better after finishing yesterday than the previous 2 weeks. So I feel very encouraged right now.

I have no major physical issues to deal with. I have no groin pain, which thrills me. Perhaps I'm going to avoid that injury after all. No pain in my legs, in general. Slight fatigue, but nothing significant. The only (minor) issue I do have is with my right foot. After running yesterday, the skin on the balls of right foot feel like they've been rubbed raw. It's a burning type sensation when I put pressure on them. But upon inspection, there seems to be nothing of note. They look just fine. I'll have to keep note of how long this lasts. I know it's not the shoes, they only had 158 miles on them, going into yesterday. I must simply be landing on my right foot harder than I do my left, and it's caused some discomfort. Nothing I can't handle though, so that's good.

This week is a change-up. Some different workouts, plus a little bit of a rest, from a mileage POV. Gonna see if I can't find a 10K to run this weekend, but last I checked, no 10K's. We'll see.

Week 9 mileage: 44.42
Weeks 0-9 mileage: 371.39

Week 10 schedule:
M: WT, NO indoor soccer
T: 1-hour run, including 2x1200 CI (5:56, recovery is half distance), 2x400 SI (1:52, recovery is equal distance), yoga
W: WT, 4 miles
Th: 4x800 SI (3:34, recovery is half distance), 6x100 striders, yoga
F: Rest
Sa: 10K race, WT (optional)
Su: 6-8 miles

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